About us

Special Me Daycare offers a caring and loving childcare that all parents dream of having their child be a part of during those precious young years. We are a centre that takes great pride in our family environment, where everyone is treated with respect.


  • Location: Special Me is located in the heart of BTM layout, with the residential neighbourhood and a green surrounding.
  • Flexibility: We are open from Monday to Friday.
  • Age groups: We cater to the needs of children from the age of 6 months onwards.
  • Facilities: We have a wide range of equipment and ample age-appropriate educational resources for daily activities to enhance physical, cognitive, social and emotional development. There are plenty of spaces for active outdoor play as well as for rest. We have as well an open door policy where parents can drop at any time.
  • Security: Our Centre is safe and secure, with CCTV surveillance for children to play and learn in security and comfort.
  • Extra Benefits: Nutritious meals prepared by our in-house cook, can be availed at an extra cost.
  • Staff: The daycare facility is under the umbrella of an educational institution that has over 35years of experience in nurturing and educating children. Our entire team beginning with the teachers, caregivers, right down to the administration personnel are caring individuals who are all passionate and have worked with children. Therefore, you can rest assured that your child is being cared for by committed and caring personals.

About us

We at SpecialMe cherish the notion of early childhood education as kids learn their initial lessons through different play and structured activities, it lays the foundation for learning and develops their imagination power. We value the uniqueness of each child, thereby providing an environment specially tailored to help the little ones grow into healthy, happy and successful people.

SpecialMe Daycare offers a caring and loving childcare that all parents dream of having their child be a part of during those precious young years. We are a centre that takes great pride in our family environment, where everyone is treated with respect.

Our Mission

To nurture and inspire students with a love for learning, confidence to explore their world and channel the limitless possibilities within themselves.

Our Vision

To become a daycare centre that will inspire young minds.


What Our Parents Say

  • Gayathri Balasubramani Parent of Vivaan

    I am glad that my son joined in your SpecialMe academic school. Initially my son was very much afraid of playing alone with others.Now-a-days is started mingling with others and playing very enthusiastically and started knowing things. The staff members are also very kind and helping him a lot.

    Thank You !

  • Mr Sanjay SundarrajParent of Atharva

    I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Gopika (Pre-school) dean and the teachers for the efforts they are putting together to teach our children. Preparing lessons, making kids learn through fun – all this through simple learning methodologies! I realize that it is difficult to teach pre-school kids but these teachers are phenomenal and doing an excellent job in engaging the students in the class. The interesting fact is that they all are making sure that each kid gets proper attention and the learning process is smooth for them. The CCTV access provided to parents gives a sense of relaxation and it enables us to monitor our child’s activities in the classroom — now how amazing is that!

    I really appreciate the fact that the focus is not just on finishing the syllabus but also ensuring that each kid is learning the basics right. The kids too enjoy the activities and it makes them look forward to the classes.

    Once again thank you to all the teachers, the Dean, and the management for making this so easy for the kids and parents. A special thanks to Mrs. Gopika for always being available whenever we needed help. She always ensured our queries have been taken care of. You all are just amazing and thank YOU for your service!!! SpecialMe — Highly Recommended, just go for it!

  • Bikash RaiBikash RaiParent of Aashitha Rai

    As a parent we are proud that my child is good at her academics and thanks to all the school staff.

  • HarishHarishParent of Ravi Kiran

    Thanks to the teachers and other staff members for having taken sincere effort to teach and guide the student positively. Hoping to see the same support in the coming years too.

  • KarthikeyanKarthikeyanParent of Sayeed Jeevitha

    Excellent coaching and always taken good care of the children. Thanks to all the Teachers.

  • Sayeed HidayathSayeed HidayathParent of Sayeed Afraa

    Teachers are good and very co-operative. The best teachers student can have.

  • Arun KumarArun KumarParent of Aditi Karne

    Good teachers and very patient and excellent way of teaching. We are very happy and satisfied with the level of pick-up.

  • BhavyaBhavyaparent of Ananya

    Unique, fantabulous daycare center, special attention to each and every child, that's why it's "special me" thanks to special me to provide a daycare center for working mothers.

  • VamseeKiranVamseeKiranParent of Darshil

    Please accept my profound gratitude for the range of activities and experiences that my child went through, he has enjoyed immensely and would be grateful for you as he makes the transition to the big school from Montessori. I wish you great success in the years ahead. With your exemplary commitment, passion and dedicated staff, I am sure ‘Special me’ will be an excellent pre-school/daycare/activity centre. Thanks a million again.Keep up the great work.


Director Message

Children are an uplifting source of joy triggering strong emotions in people, making them smile, laugh, cry or even stare in bewilderment, The love, hugs, and one-on-one attention given by our promising, compassionate staff, serves as a valued extension of the lessons learned at home. We recognize the responsibility and trust that falls upon us to safeguard the little ones who have been entrusted in our care.

" Play, Learn and Grow... Together! "

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