Frequently Asked Child Care Questions

I want to enroll my child at SpecialMe, what is the process?

Please complete an online enquiry form or alternatively call the center 080 26687845.  click here to fill the form online

As a parent how do I stay informed as to the progress of my child?

Our staff takes great care to communicate with parents on a daily basis at drop off and pick up times. SpecialMe employs an “Open door policy” and welcomes parents to visit anytime.

Can I come in for a tour before deciding whether we enroll our child?

Yes, you definitely can! Please contact our Centre Head at 080 26687845 or 9740645812 to arrange a suitable time for you.

What items do I need to bring with my child?

All preschool children need a small blanket and a change of clothes. Younger children need diapers and wet wipes. Infants need bottles and jar foods until they are  old enough for table foods.


May my child bring his/her toys from home?

No, children may not bring toys from home. However, books are always welcome.

Do you have a nurse on staff?

Yes, she is available from 8:30 am to 3 pm.

What is your policy regarding sick children?

We do our best to be supportive of the working parent and at the same time, operate within the health standard guidelines. If a child is feeling somewhat under the weather but is able to function within the program, we will allow them to remain.


Does SpecialMe administrate medicines?

Yes, if a child is not contagious, we administer medications as per the guidelines given by the parent.  Medicines will only be administered if the “Authorization to Administer Medication” form is filled by the parent and handed over to daycare staff member. All medications must be in their original container with a current date, the child’s name, name of the medication, dosage and mode of administration and name of prescribing doctor on it. Please give the medication directly to a staff member. All medications are stored out of the reach of children.

Administration will be recorded on a medication log sheet by the nurse. Any unused medication will be returned to you or properly disposed.

Infants/Toddlers: A pediatrician’s signature is required to administer prescription and over-the-counter medications to children less than 2 years of age.

Who provides the diapers for the Infants & Toddlers Programs?

Parents/Guardians will provide diapers or pull-ups for their child including wet wipes. The staff will notify the parent a day or two in advance, when additional diapers, pull-ups are needed.

Who provides bottles for the Infants Programs?

It will be the responsibility of the Parent/Guardian to bring their child’s bottles during drop off each morning. The bottle must be labeled with the child’s name and date bottle was made. At the end of the day or at pick up the parent/guardian will need to take all bottles home for sanitizing and preparation for the next day’s feedings.


What schools do you pick-up & drop-off for?

We offer transportation services from many of the surrounding schools in the BTM Layout area.

How do you monitor who comes in and out of the building?

When you arrive, the gates will be locked. As a visitor/parent, you’ll need to ring the bell to enter the campus. Parents will need to sign in the register using their full name (no initials) and drop-off time. They need to sign out the same way at the end of the day

Are there cameras in the school?

Our center is under CCTV surveillance 24/7 and the live camera feed is available to parents through web streaming. Cameras are specifically for the directors to use in monitoring the classrooms.

Will my child be learning and be prepared for Kindergarten?

Yes. Your child will thrive at SpecialMe. We are all about creating fun learning experiences because we know that in the early years children develop and learn through active play. The activities and lesson plans designed by the teachers encourage development in Language, Gross Motor Skills, Creativity & Art, Social Skills, Physical Activity, Emotional Skills, Reasoning, Problem Solving and more.


Our after-school program and summer camp curriculums are designed by experts on our team here at SpecialMe

Will SpecialMe provide food for my child?

SpecialMe provides healthy breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack for the children for an additional fee. Our menus are created with a lot of care and are cooked specially for kids at SpecialMe. You can check our monthly menu click here


Can I provide my own food?

Yes. You are welcome to bring food for your child.

What is the Staff/Child Ratio at SpecialMe?

  • For Infants up to 12 months, the ratio is 1:2
  • For Toddlers, the ratio is 1:5
  • For Preschoolers, the ratio is 2:25

Does SpecialMe offer sibling discount?

Yes, if the children are enrolled full-time. Parents can call 080 26687845 for more details