Corporate Care

Your employees work hard because their children are special. We ensure that they will be.

Corporate Care

SpecialMe offers children (ages 6 months to 5 years) a safe childcare center with highly qualified instructors who engage the children in social, fun and educational activities throughout the day. We are committed to helping employers and their employees successfully work together to achieve their goals. To achieve that we have created a structured curriculum that is flexible to support the needs of working families.

Corporate Partnership

Having an on-site day center addresses many working-parent childcare concerns and expresses a genuine interest in supporting parents in the workplace. Corporates can now partner with SpecialMe to build a beautiful on-site center with a structured curriculum and highly trained caregivers. We’ll work with you to find the partnership option that best fits your organization. To give your employees access to a high-quality childcare please contact us here.


Clients who use our SpecialMe Daycare

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