Edifying Infants

Watch your young one’s nurture from their cradle to the exploring world through our able guiding hands. With our Edifying Infants program, your baby will be paired with a primary caretaker who will provide individual attention and nurture them through every milestone.

Stay Connected with your infant

Our approach to infant care is both professional and personal and you can count on us to attend to your infant’s every need. Our staff will listen carefully and work closely with you the parent, so your needs are met as well.

We understand how hard it’s for you to leave your infant in our care and you will always want to know what’s going on. That is why at SpecialMe we make it a priority to keep you informed and connected each day via our SpecialMe app. Little things happen each day, it is captured and unfolded to you, so you don’t miss out on little happiness.

Our program for infants is designed carefully so that each day is packed with structured activities around the four main development areas.


Cognitive Development

Focus: To help your baby learn about the surroundings using all five senses.

  • Learn, respond and adapt to the surrounding using all five senses
  • Explore and observe using the five senses
  • Start to imitate/repeat familiar actions
  • Start to distinguish between familiar and unfamiliar things
  • Find hidden objects

Language and Communication

Focus: To help your baby learn how to express wants & needs using sounds and gestures.

  • Listen to books read aloud
  • Responds to sounds by making sound.
  • Make early attempts at speaking.
  • Responding to and imitating sounds and rhymes.
  • Respond to simple direction, requests and familiar people.
  • Communicating feelings through facial expressions.
  • Identifying facial expressions and sounds.

Social and Emotional Development

Focus: Build trust with adults and other children

  • Form a nurturing attachment with familiar adults.
  • Start to interact with other children and teachers.
  • Express simple emotions by making sounds, facial expressions or body movements.
  • Respond to their image and name.
  • Fine and Gross Motor Skills.

Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Focus: Strengthen your baby’s finger, hand, arm and leg muscles

  • Clap hands to music.
  • Picking up finger foods.
  • Learn to lift, hold and turn their head, roll over, sit up and crawl.
  • Learning to feed themselves by holding bottles on their own.
  • Engaging in sensory play, including finger painting, play dough and blocks covered in different fabrics.
  • Exploring the outdoors by playing outside in the playground.
  • Coordinate hand movements to by reaching for and grasping objects.

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