Edifying Toddlers (1 to 2 years)

When the kids are young, they are extremely active, curious about every new thing they see, every new word, and often have unlimited questions for every unique experience they go through.

Toddlers will learn to count, form sentences, discover their musical and artistic abilities, understand different emotions and learn about the world around them. The activities for this age group are built around toddler’s limitless curiosity and their natural desire to push boundaries.

Our Edifying Toddler program is designed carefully so that each day is packed with structured activities that focus on core concepts:

Physical development and health.

Language and communication.

Creative arts.

Social and emotional development.

Mathematics, science and social studies.

Our Edifying Toddler Program Development Activities include:


Discovery Time

Toddlers learn best through self-exploration and discovery, and there’s no better way to do it than during Discovery time.
Our environment is set up so that toddlers have a variety of activities that are both structured and unstructured.
We provide an array of materials, toys, building blocks, art supplies, puzzles, sensory tables etc. that give your toddler time and freedom they need to explore, imagine and play on their own.

Socialization and Communication

We help transition toddlers from nonverbal to verbal communication to express wants and needs. We encourage them to talk to with the caregivers and other classmates, follow simple verbal commands without gesture.
They are also encouraged to repeat simple words and phrases, like “please”, “sorry” and “thank you”, answer simple questions, sing nursery rhymes, name and identify ordinary objects like telephone, spoon, brush etc.

Early Learning

We encourage toddler’s enthusiasm for learning through our monthly theme-based curriculum, that is exciting, fun and includes age-appropriate activities involving music, dance, science, language, colors and shapes.

Story Time and Make-Believe

Toddlers love the simple stories and we use books that are bright, colorful, and have clear illustrations. We use Story Time to point to objects and name them, so toddlers can quickly learn to identify many more objects than they can verbalize.
Kids must learn to play without the need of toys so we encourage them to play make-believe games where they can use their imagination and pretend to be their favorite heroes, teacher etc.

Hale to Play

The HTP program at SpecialMe for toddlers focuses on developing gross motor skills like crawling, jumping, running and fine motor skills like grasping pencils, stacking toys and buttoning clothes.
Using music and games toddlers learn and express independence through movement, practice coordination and balancing skills there by laying the foundation for a healthy, active life. Our Yoga program helps the toddlers learn how to relax and be still.

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