Our Curriculum

Little kids are the blooming buds of our society, and therefore, it becomes important to nurture these young minds so that they become responsible citizens tomorrow. With many options available, it’s important to give the children a bright start in a nourishing environment. Here at SpecialMe we encourage children to explore artistic endeavors and to interact in an enriching way. Our curriculum is framed with complete focus on children, to promote social, emotional, physical and cognitive development through Montessori oriented environment. Following are the programs available.





Edifying Infants and Toddlers

Watch your young one’s nurture from their cradle to the exploring world through our able guiding hands.

When the kids are young, they are curious about every new thing they see, every new word, and often have unlimited questions for every unique experience they go through. Our program is designed to assist your toddler in developing the essentials for early brain development through the concepts of Attention, Bonding, and Communication. Our educators guide the children in the direction which they need and build relationships with their friends. This helps them build confidence in a home away from home.

The activities for this age group are built around toddler’s limitless curiosity and their natural desire to push boundaries.

Age Group : 6 months to 2 . 10 years

Our Goal : To provide an atmosphere where children discover and explore.

Early Explorers

Pre – Kindergarten Program helps the tiny tots to take stepping stones to the world of learning through fun and play.
Our program helps to inspire the imagination and creativity of your toddler we engage them individually and in group activities scattered both in the indoor and outdoor environment.
During their time with us, your child will build their fine and gross motor skills and explore all their senses using stimulating activities which are a vital part of their growing.

Age Group : 2 . 10 months to 3 . 10 years

Our Goal : Growing and exploring through play.


Every child is born with a creative mind and a drive to learn. These qualities can be best developed in a free environment. A constructive and proactive methodology, Montessori gives your child the freedom to develop varied interest and the competence needed to get her /him ready for life.

Our program aims on developing their emotional, social and cognitive skills through activities that include stories and literacy, arts and crafts, construction and manipulation toys, puzzles, gross motor activities and group games.

The programs also facilitate expression of children’s ideas, enhance creativity and broaden their understanding of the world around them.

Age Group : 1 year to 3 years

Our Goal : A blend of learning and fun, designed to make children into lifelong learners.

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